Quoting & Insurance Claims

After an accident, you’ll have far more important things to worry about than making sure your insurance provider has all the information they need to process your claim as quickly as possible.

Cleveland Auto Accident Repair Centre is a trusted repairer for all major insurance companies, with the equipment to meet the needs of all minor and major smash repairs. We can properly assess your vehicle’s damage, in person or by way of the image upload function on our contact form, allowing us to produce a detailed and clear claim for your insurer, ensuring our work to repair your vehicle can commence as quickly as possible.

Chassis Alignment

After an accident it’s likely that your vehicle’s chassis, the framework that holds your vehicle together, has been warped or bent out of shape. This can make your vehicle dangerous to continue driving, potentially affecting everything from the way your vehicle handles, accelerates or brakes, to increasing tyre wear, to simply refusing to drive at all. Even in less serious instances, a damaged chassis can make your car less safe should it be involved in another accident, unless repaired correctly.

Our team uses the latest in chassis measurement and alignment equipment to compare your vehicle’s current state to its original manufacturer specifications, giving us a crystal-clear idea of where repairs need to be made, and ensuring your vehicle is as safe as possible when it returns to the road.

Welding & Body Repairs

Whether your vehicle has minor dent damage or whole unsalvageable panels, our workshop is equipped with everything we need to have your car looking just like new.

Our team of highly skilled and reliable tradesmen have a great understanding of delivering quality workmanship with all makes and models of vehicles, conducting dent repairs, whole panel replacement, plastic welding for bumpers and interior repairs, and much more.

Paintless Dent Repairs

In cases of minor panel damage, such as car park bumps, hail or loose stones on the road, the exterior layer of paint is unharmed and only the lower metal bent out of shape. In cases like this, many other smash repairers would need to sand down the damaged area to repair the metal, adding the need to repaint the affected area before finishing repairs.

At Cleveland Auto Accident Repair Centre we can use paintless dent repair techniques to smooth out your vehicle’s dents without needing to sand and repaint, saving you valuable time and money. Get in touch with us today to find out whether paintless dent repair is an option for you.

Spray Painting

Whether you need a simple touch-up or a complete body repainting, our workshop’s downdraft spray booth can accommodate for your needs. We use top of the line paint matching equipment and our range of premium DeBeer automotive paints to produce a perfect match for your vehicle’s existing car colour, and our expert paint technicians will apply it to your vehicle to make for the smoothest, most even coat possible.


Once work on your vehicle is complete, we will detail the areas we have worked on including a vacuum and wash of your vehicle. Please contact us should you want to include a full cut and polish.

Fleet Repairs & Maintenance

At Cleveland Auto Accident Repair Centre we understand just how much a business relies on its road vehicles. Every day your delivery van or company car or other vehicle is off the road is another day it’s not earning back the investment in it you made for your business.

That’s why we offer commercial partners fleet servicing, repairs and maintenance, to help keep your business on the road and moving. We can even keep track of each of your vehicle’s service histories if required.

Other Services

At Cleveland Auto Accident Repair Centre, our work doesn’t stop with your vehicle’s smash repairs. Through our long-standing working relationship with a number of high-quality local auto repair businesses, we also offer customers:

  • Towing by arrangement
  • Windscreen replacement
  • Vehicle diagnostics and fault code clearing
  • Air conditioning repairs
  • Auto-electrical repairs
  • Fleet maintenance and repairs
  • Wheel alignment and balancing
  • Window tinting
  • Vehicle signage and wraps
  • And much, much more

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